Oxytocin Full Buckle Carrier

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Oxytocin - the molecule of love - makes its appearance in the Geekery collection!

Please note this is a digitally printed fabric and can have some fading with laundering. Spot cleaning is strongly preferred and if necessary, washed in a pillow case on delicate cold wash using detergent without brighteners and line dried.

The details:

  • Can be used for front or back carries
  • Made of 100% linen with cotton-linen canvas print
  • Closed cell supportive waist belt - 28", expandable up to 56"
  • Padded, contoured shoulder straps - 23", cinchable down to 19"
  • Available in 3 sizes:  Infant (15"x15"), Tweeny Tot (17.5"x17.5"), Toddler (19"x19")
  • Elastic loops to contain extra webbing at all buckle points
  • 4-way sternum gliders for secure chest strap placement
  • 1" adjustable buckle on shoulder strap to allow multiple ways of loading child
  • This carrier does allow for crossing the shoulder straps, but it is not recommended due to contouring causing the straps to ride close to the neck.

Quick Glance Specs

  • Waist:  28"-56"
  • Shoulder straps: 19"-23" padded + 25" webbing
  • Infant: 15"x15", 2 weeks - 12 months, 8-35 lbs
  • Tweeny Tot: 17.5"x17.5", 10 months - 24 months, 10-45 lbs
  • Toddler: 19"x19", 20 months up, 10-45 lbs

PLEASE NOTE: Fabric placement will vary.

PLEASE NOTE: While an elastic buckle loop is provided on the mounted waist option, this elastic has not been tested in any way to ensure a safety feature and should not be relied upon as such.


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