Oops, I forgot the drool pads for my custom carrier

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This listing is for individuals with custom orders already in progress who fit into the following categories:

The adrenaline rush of trying to make your choices and check out, including Paypal password, in under 20 seconds is now over and you realize you didn't mash your finger into the touchscreen at the right angle to get the drool pads ordered in the original attempt.

You have the carrier all cut out of the precious hard to find fabric that was only available in an odd dimension to begin with and it turns out we've been able to keep 2 pieces of 7" x 10" rectangles aside.

You're a mom with kids and the toddler climbing up your leg / you spontaneously purchased while breastfeeding at 4am / insert "insane situation you never thought would happen to you but is actually your new normal"  brain fog occurred

You just want them and didn't know we did them or didn't think you'd need them before.

Who should NOT be buying this listing:

You just want standalone drool pads (go to the Accessories section)

You're purchasing a shop print, fabric-from-our-inventory carrier and want suck pads to make a nice, complete set (go to the Accessories section)


Drool pads are 7" x 10" with an inner layer of fleece and backed by either more of your custom fabric or a coordinating linen (mention in comments your preference).


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