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Cotton Linen digital print on 100% linen base. To order this option as shown, choose brown linen and black webbing. There is a Ready to Ship option in Small size with no darts (As photographed).

The buckle onbuhimo (bucklebu) is a great option for wearing your Little when you want a quick on-off carrier but don't particularly like the waist belt common to a full buckle soft structured carrier.

The child is secured in a bucklebu by a "seat" that is created when folding up the lower edge of the carrier and creating a hammock seat by the shoulder straps going under the child's legs. The Gracie and Sam bucklebu uses seat darts to help set that seat and keep it trim and tight to the wearer's back. The straps are adjustable in several ways, allowing for lengths, location of lower buckle, and microadjusting through PFAs. Leg out padding keeps a good layer of cushiness for dangling legs, and high density foam on the shoulders keeps the wearer more comfortable, longer.

Please note the Bucklebu is an "advanced carry" carrier. It is not intended for children who are not abile to sit unassisted. The large side openings present an increased Fall Hazard, so sizing up so the child can "grow into it" is not an option with this carrier. A proper fit should come to the child's armpits down the back, through the crotch, and up to the lower navel. Children can be worn arms in or out, but should be loaded with arms out to reduce risk of falling. As always, when learning a new carry, please practice with a spotter over a soft area with little to no falling distance.

Quick Specs:

  • Small size, for children wearing 9mos-2T/3T: Seat 15" wide, 20" long edge to edge, 16" wide at its widest point.
  • Medium size, for children wearing 18 mos - 3T: Seat 16.5", 23" long edge to edge, 18" wide at its widest point.
  • Large size, for children wearing 24mos - 4T: Seat 18.5" wide, 26" long edge to edge, 20" wide at its widest point.
  • Weight: 15-45 lbs (both sizes)
  • Slightly contoured shoulder straps: 16" shortening to 11" with ample webbing for any size wearer
  • Reverse Perfect Fit Adjusters ease microadjustments when wearing in a back carry
  • Dual adjust buckles at lower corners ease tightening of straps from either front or back

Seat darts or no seat darts:
-Seat darts allow for a nice, deep M placement of the pelvis and create a very comfortable seat. For a properly sized onbu, it adds a nice contouring for the child and a slight structuring to the panel for a close fit. However, if the body panel is too large, the darts will prevent a high carry because the child will keep slipping down into the pre-defined seat. 
-No seat darts allows for adapting around a slightly large panel by allowing the lower edge of the panel to be folded up higher between the wearee and wearer. The seat will not be as clearly defined and the pelvis M shape not as pronounced, nor be as cocoon-like around the child's body.

This carrier is made to order to allow for customization of options

Current wait time for shipping of carrier is 2-3 weeks once order payment is received.

Gracie and Sam, LLC Bucklebus have been tested to ASTM 2236.14 and are compliant with CPSIA requirements

This product is not available to ship to Canada. For shipping to other countries, actual shipping will be charged with overage invoiced separately.


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