Send your wrap /wrap scrap /fabric for your custom order to:

Gracie and Sam, LLC
Order No. ________
139 N. Chestnut St
Linesville, PA 16424

I do not generally confirm receipt, but if you're concerned, please feel free to message or call once your tracking shows delivered.

Regarding shipping of your completed carrier: Once the finished conversion has been shipped and tracking number provided, responsibility for your package lies with the Postal service. Gracie and Sam, LLC cannot be held liable for packages once they leave our premises. Insurance is purchased for cost of conversion fees. If you would like to add insurance for cost of wrap, please let me know when placing your order in the Messages/Notes section and be prepared to provide an original invoice for the wrap purchase. Once the package is Delivered, responsibility lies with the receiver. If there is any concern of theft from mailbox, etc, please request signature required delivery as insurance coverage comes to an end once the package is marked Delivered.

Please note measurements of carriers are based on actual seat, not where the waist panel meets the body panel. This way the measurement actually matches the knee to knee measurement of the child for an accurate fit. Height measurements are taken at the center for full buckles and at the shoulder span for mei tais to reflect where the supportive tension lands on the shoulder/upper back.

  1. What is the difference between a mei tai and a full buckle/SSC? A buckle onbu from a full buckle?
  2. What size carrier should I get?
  3. Does my wrap need to be new / sent from retailer?
  4. What size wrap do you need?
  5. What's the difference between a half and full conversion? Is there a price difference?
  6. Do you do ring waist buckle shoulders or other combinations not on the site?
  7. Should I get the padded headrest and/or padded legs out option? Hood? 
  8. I have a wrap on preorder, can I get my slot now and use it when the wrap arrives?
  9. What wrap can I use for a mei tai conversion?
  10. What's the difference in seat darts / no seat darts for buckle onbus?

1.  What is the difference between a mei tai (MT) and a full buckle/SSC (Soft Structured Carrier)?

A mei tai has long straps (app. 70-85") at the shoulder and typically has a softer waist panel that may still be padded and quilted for support, but is not as structured as the SSC. For Gracie and Sam conversion carriers, the waist of a WCMT can be ring waist or tie waist. The shoulder straps are made from half the width of the wrap x length chosen by customer and can be padded to wrap or pleated with no padding. The body of the carrier has seat darts. 

A Full Buckle / SSC has padded shoulder straps akin to a backpack with webbing along the length and assorted hardware on the strap for easy adjustment and other helpful wearing doo-dads. The waist is structured with a closed cell foam padding chosen for it's ability to remain very supportive while working with your body heat to be pliable and soft while wearing (to prevent any digging into hips or muffins!). The carrier body has seat darts.

    What is the difference between a full buckle and a buckle onbu?

Don't look at an onbu as a replacement for your SSC. They don't wear the same way at all. Rather, look at the onbu as an alternative to, say, a ring sling: It shines for quick ups and running errands, icky parking lots and toddler indecision. But it's not supportive in a way that's well suited for hiking or wearing it for hours and most wearers don't use it for wearing nap times unless it just happens). The feel reminds most users familiar with wrapping of a simple ruck (shoulders-only back carry) in a shorty/short wrap. 

The weight is on your shoulders, not distributed across your waist or chest. So proper fit and adjustment is key. There is a sweet spot and it may take a bit of practice to find it. 

2.  What size carrier should I get?

The mei tai comes in Standard and Toddler size.

The full buckle comes in Infant, Tweeny Tot, Toddler, XL Toddler, and Pre-K

Carrier Seat        Height   

Ave. Age/

Clothing size

Mei Tai- Standard 15.5 19"

0-20 mos/


Mei Tai - Toddler 18" 21"

19-36 mos/


Full Buckle- Infant  15" 15"

8 lbs - 18 mos/


Full Buckle- Tweeny Tot     17.5"    17.5"

11 mos - 30 mos   

12 mos -3T/4T

Full Buckle- Toddler 19" 19"

24 mos up

3T up

Full Buckle- XL Toddler 21" 21" 3-4 yrs
Full Buckle- Pre K 23" 23" 4 yrs up

Buckle Onbus are hard to fit according to age or clothing size because a long torsoed/short legged or long legged/short torso child will fit very differently. Rather, measure your child from armpit down the back through the crotch and up to the navel. This is going to be the panel height you need and the width generally coordinates well from there. Do NOT size up for a buckle-bu or you won't be able to get a high enough carry and your child will sink too far down in the panel itself for safe carrying (since the sides are completely open until the armpit area, a too-tall panel creates a fall hazard).

3.  Does my wrap need to be new / sent from retailer?

For a Full Buckle, there is an internal linen structure which meets the requirements for new, tested materials under the federal regulations. For this reason, there is a great deal of flexibility with Gracie and Sam conversion buckles, including being able to use most blends, most weaves, new or used. If you are using a particularly heavy wrap, please contact the shop first to ensure it will not be too bulky to use for the conversion. Likewise, blends with bamboo over 50% will incur additional expense due to the extra time and techniques needed to stabilize this particularly slippery, pliable fiber.

For a Mei Tai Wrap Conversion, the wrap must be new. It does not need to come from the retailer but does need to have some proof of newness (tags still attached, recent receipt, etc). Before sending the wrap for conversion, you will be asked to launder and iron the wrap. Please be in touch with real time proof of the newness of the wrap before removing tags, etc, for the laundering.


4.  What size wrap do you need?

Wraps vary in width between different weaves and especially between different companies. Generally speaking:

Mei Tai:

Size 6 for standard size with no hood or other accessories

Size 7 for standard size with hood or other accessories

Size 7 for toddler size with no hood or other accessories

Size 8 for toddler size with hood or other accessories

Full Buckle:

Size 4 for Infant or Tweeny Tot, no hood

Size 5 for any size with hood, perhaps some additional accessories

Size 6 for toddler size, hood, plus corner sucks pads, etc.

Size 2 for a half conversion, all sizes.

Buckle Onbu:

Size 2 for full conversion

50"+ for half conversion (add 18" for hood)

30" for semi-converesion (panel only)

If planning on a pieced design and special construction of your carrier, additional wrap may be needed. Also please note there is additional charge for specially designed, pieced carrier bodies and/or hoods.


5.  What's the difference between a half and full conversion? Is there a price difference?

A half conversion uses wrap on the front sides of the shoulder straps, body panel, and waist panel  (and possibly hood, if ordered) while the inside layers are coordinating linen.  A full conversion uses wrap on the front/outside and inside of the carrier, as well as both sides of the hood, if purchased.

The conversion fee is the same regardless of half or full conversion, as the structural materials and hardware as well as the time and skill required to create the carrier remain the same whether there is wrap on the inside or not. 


6.  Do you do ring waist buckle shoulders or other combinations not on the site?

For customers outside fo the US, when the carrier would immediately ship abroad, variations can be explored. For those within the US, only the variations listed on the site are available. No structural changes (such as a different waist style) are permitted under the updated CPSIA regulations due to testing requirements. At present and through 2015, these variations include:

Full Buckle, Mei Tai with padded to wrap shoulder straps on a tie or ring waist, or Mei Tai with unpadded wrap straps on a tie waist. There is no current scope for a buckle shoulder and ring waist, a wrap strap shoulder with a buckle waist (half buckle), or similar change ups.


7.  Should I get the padded headrest and/or padded legs out option? Hood?

The padded headrest is particularly helpful for the younger baby, to help provide some additional structure behind the head. For the older baby, especially those on whom the carrier top is across the shoulder/upper back and not the neck or head, it does not play as important a role and indeed, can simply add extra layers that get hot during warm weather wearing. Ultimately, it is a matter of preference.

The legs out padding is a great addition for the older baby, chunky leg, or particularly long legged child. While the knee to knee span gives good support to the leg, the padding at the edge can keep it comfortable for longer duration wearing where the unpadded edge can cause pressure points. Think of the unpadded stool versus the cushioned counter-height chair. Both will extend most of the way down the thigh to the knee, but the cushioned chair is typically more comfortable where the leg comes off the seat.

Hoods can be great for protection from the elements, a hammock for the child whose head lulls while sleeping, and in some cases, a fantastic design element. Or it can be the bane of your baby's existence, a nuisance to keep track of if detachable, and make it so that size 4 wrap is too short for what you want to do. In short, it's up to you, your wearing style, your wearee's preference, and if you have enough wrap for it.


8.  I have a wrap on preorder, can I get my slot now and use it when the wrap arrives?

No. Please hold off until you have your wrap in hand, confirmed en route, or similar. God willing, Gracie and Sam will be doing conversions for a good while to come. Hold off on your slot until you're ready to get everything sent in with your group's slots. Preorders too frequently run past their deadline, can be held up in customs, end up looking different once you receive it (and it's no longer love), etc. 


9.  What wraps can I use for a mei tai conversion?

First, wraps used for mei tai conversions must be new. Aside from that, Gracie and Sam has tested a variety of wraps to establish a baseline range. For blend, only 100% cotton, at this time. For weave, several are acceptable, including Girasol (all weaves), Didymos (includio Indios), Storchenwiege, Natibaby Stripes (not pictorals), and similar. What is NOT within the confirmed range are:
"Pictoral" weaves with significant "skip" weaving, such as is used for Natibaby Starry Night
Heavily textured weaves such as Pavo Etini 
Handwoven (aside from Girasol)

If you have a question about a particular wrap, please feel free to contact us at or through the Contact Us link on this website.

10. What's the difference in seat darts / no seat darts for buckle onbus?

Seat darts allow for a nice, deep M placement of the pelvis and create a very comfortable seat. For a properly sized onbu, it adds a nice contouring for the child and a slight structuring to the panel for a close fit. However, if the body panel is too large, the darts will prevent a high carry because the child will keep slipping down into the pre-defined seat. 

No seat darts allows for adapting around a slightly large panel by allowing the lower edge of the panel to be folded up higher between the wearee and wearer. The seat will not be as clearly defined and the pelvis M shape not as pronounced, nor be as cocoon-like around the child's body.