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Have a fabric you love and think it would make a fantastic baby carrier? This is the option for you.

Please note - this option is not intended to recreate a carrier made by another company. Fabrics that copy a carrier made by any other prominent carrier company will not be accepted and will be returned at customer's expense and order cancelled. We love working with custom designs and creating a carrier just for you. So do our colleagues in the community and we respect their creativity, as well. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this.

Pick the linen color, pick the webbing color, work out the other details, and send us your fabric. We'll create a custom linen full buckle using the chosen linen color for the shoulder straps, waist panel and inside body, and use your custom fabric for the outside, visible body panel of the carrier. Fabric suggestions can be found below. In the meantime, some of the nitty gritties of the carrier are:

The details:

  • Can be used for front or back carries
  • Double layer of 100% linen
  • Closed cell supportive waist belt - 28", expandable up to 56"
  • Padded, contoured shoulder straps - 23", cinchable down to 19"
  • Available in 3 sizes:  Infant (15"x15"), Tweeny Tot (17.5"x17.5"), Toddler (19"x19") - dimensions are at darted seat and center height. Base and shoulder measurements are .5-1.5" less (14.5, 16, and 17.25" at base, respectively)
  • Elastic loops to contain extra webbing at all buckle points
  • 4-way sternum gliders for secure chest strap placement
  • 1" adjustable buckle on shoulder strap to allow multiple ways of loading child
  • This carrier does allow for crossing the shoulder straps, but it is not recommended due to contouring causing the straps to ride close to the neck.

Quick Glance Specs

  • Waist:  26"-56" when buckle mounted on waist panel, 29.5"-55" when dual adjust buckle style chosen.
  • Shoulder straps: 19"-23" padded + 25" webbing
  • Infant: 15"x15", 2 weeks - 12 months, 8-35 lbs
  • Tweeny Tot: 17.5"x17.5", 11 months - 24 months, 10-45 lbs
  • Toddler: 19"x19", 20 months up, 10-45 lbs

PLEASE NOTE: While an elastic buckle loop is provided on the mounted waist option, this elastic has not been tested in any way to ensure a safety feature and should not be relied upon as such.

Optional Hood is flat, bell shaped, with drawstring on sides to cinch it, and secured when up by pulling drawstrings through D-Rings on the shoulder straps. 

For custom fabric selection, please purchase your fabric and send to us (or have your retailer ship it directly) at:

Gracie and Sam, LLC
139 N. Chestnut St.
Linesville, PA 16424

1 yard of fabric is sufficient for the body panel and any hood you might choose. Left over fabric will be returned with the completed carrier - perfect if you want to commission further accessories through the many custom accessories makers out there! Cotton and cotton-linen prints are suggested, with weights ranging from quilters cotton weight to light/medium weight home decorator fabrics. Some good sources for fabrics include local fabric stores,,, and


Reviews (5)

Aug 26th 2015


Once again the talented ladies at Gracie and Sam were able to take a concept that I had and bring it to life for me! The carrier turned out great, communication was very good. Extremely satisfied!

Grassy Aug 15th 2015

best ever

This is our third Gracie & Sam and our second full buckle. We absolutely adore everything about it. We haven't used it because she isn't big enough, but I use our other one multiple times a day for my 18mo old. As a single mom, I love how my daughter and I can just be close and she can see what I see. She LOVES to be carried. :) We love our fun prints too.

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